Expanding our repertoire

Expanding our repertoire

ToMyDoor has expanded its repertoire from personal shopping to be a same-day delivery service enabling local businesses in New Zealand to flourish.

We currently have businesses of all types including Optometrists, Restaurants, Florists and Boutique goods using us as their same day local delivery solution. So why have they chosen us? Lets look into that....

Unlike Uber Eats and other food delivery services we don't charge a commission or double dip, there is just one price payable by you the business owner to us and we will delivery your goods promptly, in great condition and with care- no more waiting around for a teenager on scooter to deliver your food which has already gone cold!

We provide a SAME DAY service, in times where courier deliveries are being lost, late or damaged why would you entrust your product with a company that can't tell you where your goods are? We pick up your meats, flowers, glasses, wine etc and deliver it on the spot- So your customers can call and make the order that morning and have the goods to cook dinner with that night, How Convenient!

Do you know a business that is entrusting the face of their company to unreliable delivery services- that could really do with knowing where the goods are at all times, careful and prompt deliveries locally? Then give us a shout....we can help!