Terms and conditions


All Shopper fees, Delivery fees and Basket prices are subject to alterations without notice.

If you are making a Custom order we ask that you make your best estimate of the cost of the goods purchased. If you are using an online shopping site at Countdown or Pak n Save for example.


An order can be changed or cancelled at any time up until cutoff time for that delivery.


ToMyDoor will use their experience and best effort to purchase the items as described in the order. ToMyDoor reserves the right to substitute other products or brands if required. If there is an item in doubt, ToMyDoor may attempt to contact the customer and clarify. If this is not possible for whatever reason the item will be left off the order.

ToMyDoor accepts no responsibility if items delivered are not as expected.

Where the products of a store or service are provided for in the order it is agreed and understood that ToMyDoor is acting only as an agent for the shopping and delivery of the goods and accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any default of these goods.

PLEASE NOTE: under alert Level 4 and 3 we expect more items than usual will be out of stock. ToMyDoor will notify the customer of any out of stock items on their list and arrange a credit.


Payment in full is required to confirm your order with ToMyDoor. If the order is a Custom order payment will be taken from your account when the final Order amount is known.

We accept Visa and Mastercard, credit or debit cards. We will be accepting online New Zealand banking payment shortly. If you have other prefered payment methods please Contact Us.

Your payment process is undertaken completely separately from ToMyDoor by a third party [Stripe] on their secure server. We do not receive or retain any personal information from this transaction process.


ToMyDoor will make every effort to deliver to your front door .... or as close as we can reasonably get.

In multi-tenanted properties (apartments, hotels, motels, backpackers) delivery will be to the front entrance of the main building. If there is a lobby or attended front office our Shoppers will leave it with them.

In rural areas where rapid numbers are used delivery will be to the letter box or an appropriate area as close to the rapid number as possible.

Please make sure dogs are secured appropriately and access to your front door is clear.

Customers should attempt to collect items on delivery or as soon as possible. Under Alert Levels 4 and 3 we ask that you please wait inside or at least 3 meters away until our shopper has placed your order and returned to their vehicle.

If for whatever reason ToMyDoor decides delivering an order is unsafe or ill-advised they will return to their vehicle and advise the ToMyDoor Call Centre. The Call centre will assess the circumstance and make contact with the customer.

ToMyDoor will endeavour to adhere to stated delivery times but will not be liable for any failure to meet those times due to traffic, weather or any other conditions.

ToMyDoor accepts no liability if a delivery is stolen or damaged after delivery.

Medicines and Pharmacies

For prescriptions and some medicines Pharmacies require approval from you for ToMyDoor to accept and deliver your order.

For prescriptions and restricted medicines please order and pay direct to your chemist. Once you have done that order your pick-up and delivery with ToMyDoor and advise the chemist what date and time the pick-up will be. ToMyDoor will take no responsibility if the order is not available for whatever reason and no refund will be given.

Cancellation of an Order

An order may be cancelled or changed at any time up to the close-off time for the delivery. In the event of cancellation before the delivery close-off time a full refund will be given.

If the cancellation is after the delivery close-off time no refund will be given.

Order unable to be delivered

Congestion, weather, breakdown or any other incident may prevent ToMyDoor completion of shopping and or delivery of an order on its scheduled date and time. In this event the order will be scheduled for the next available delivery and the customers advised. If this is not acceptable ToMyDoor will provide a full refund.

Defects or deficiencies

ToMyDoor will not be liable for any defects or deficiencies in the products whether they are collected from a third party or purchased on behalf, collected and delivered. Any issues of quality of goods provided must be taken up directly with the manufacturer or supplier of the goods. ToMyDoor will make every effort to ensure fresh produce is chosen, packaged and delivered in an appropriate fashion.